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We are delighted that you stopped by to see what we are up to.

This blog serves two purposes. The first is to document our journey on our “Light Traveler” adventure. The second is to share our experiences (good and bad), discoveries and resources for those that may want to try this interesting path for yourselves.

About us:

My wife (and best friend) and I have lived in Seattle, Washington USA all of our lives, as did our parents. We have been together 30+ years and both love being close to natural beauty, in whatever form.

For those that have been to Seattle, you know that it is home to beautiful mountains and forests, endless waterways and an eclectic, vibrant culture. We have done some traveling around our beautiful planet (Iceland, Australia, Italy, UK, Ireland, Panama, Mexico) but are looking forward to more “white space” on our calender’s to see much more of the USA and abroad.

We have been active in business most of our careers including our own companies since the 1990’s. We are now growing our latest business to fully support our “Light Traveler” lifestyle.

Let’s enjoy this crazy opportunity to fully enjoy our short time on this fascinating planet.

Travel light!

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