An Introduction: The “Light Traveler”



My wife and I have recently launched a new chapter in our life and the term we are using to describe it is “Light Traveler.” Although more of a shared feeling at this point. we are far enough along to be able to share some thoughts on what being a Light Traveler is and is not.

We are using hiking as an analogy for daily living. In general, think of a Light Traveler (“LT”) as a hiker that hikes everyday. A LT hiker has these characteristics:

  1. Travels Light – Keeps a light backpack so they have the essentials but not overloaded with “stuff” that they may not need and can slow them down.
  2. Maximizes White Space – They have a lot of time and flexibility to plan their daily destinations (or change them on a whim).
  3. Leverages Existing Infrastructure & Resources – They hike in areas that have a lot of natural resources to supplant their own supplies.
  4. “Owns” Only What’s Necessary – If they need a tool or equipment for a specific hike, they generally rent or borrow it versus buying it.
  5. Has Great Companions – They hike with people (and pets) they want to hike with, not people they have to hike with.
  6. Is A Dirtbag Millionaire – Are very thrifty with resources (food, water, money, etc.) so that they can hike every single day without worry of running out.
  7. Has A Light & Healthy Heart – Manages their mental and physical health so they can hike with joy for as long as possible.
  8. Shares Time & Talent To Help Others – Offers a helping hand or a helping brain to others. The gift is in the giving.
  9. Maintains An Open And Engaged Mind – Looking for new ways of seeing and understanding this fascinating journey we are all on.

We identified these characteristics through our own life experience. We will add more detail and context to these characteristics.  Please share your thoughts on this as well.


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